Surfing a wave is a unique sensation that cannot be explained in words.
It fills you with energy and you just feel good. At our school we will teach you everything you need to know about surfing and the ocean.

OYAMBRE SURF SCHOOL is for anyone who wants to learn to surf or improve their surfing, from 6 years old to any age, there is no age limit! We teach introductory and advanced classes in small groups.

Classes last two hours and consist of a small bit of theory followed by practical learning in the sea where you will be continuously accompanied in the water by our instructors who will help you learn and keep you safe.
Our instructors are experienced surfers. As instructors certified by the Cantabrian Surfing Federation and as Spanish Lifesaving and 1st Aid graduates, they know the best place to be to catch the best waves.


  • Learn to surf in an EASY, FAST, FUN AND SAFE way
  • Beginner: learning to stand up and catch your first wave
  • Advanced: improve your style and learn or improve your maneuvers, reading waves, etc.
  • Understand the sea: training, breaking waves and wave types, types of breakers, how tides, currents and wind affect the surf, choosing the best times and place to surf, safety.
  • Learn the rules and history of surfing.
  • Learn about all types of equipment, etc.
  • Learn to warm up and stretch and learn specific training techniques for surfing to keep you physically fit and help you improve.
  • Learn enough to be able to surf on your own safely in the future.
  • Encourage love, respect and care for nature.