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The best summer fun can be found at the Oyambre Surf Camp, an unforgettable experience for young people who like to be on the beach and want to surf in a beautiful natural environment. Here you can surf the best waves of the north coast of Spain and make worldwide friendships. Oyambre Surf Camp is a surf and language camp for young people from all over Europe between 12 and 17 years. (Request about other ages) The Natural Park Oyambre is an absolutely safe environment and offers countless possibilities to have a good time. Our Surf Summer Camp also includes languages, English for Spanish students and Spanish for European students. We approach the languages ​​with fun and entertainment. Methodology: 1 surf class per day is taught by native surf instructors in their languages ​​to students of another language. In addition to being an international camp students practice other languages ​​and make friends from other countries.


Oyambre Surf Camp is a Summer Camp that we carry out within the facilities of Camping Oyambre Beach, Buy Cheapest Tramadol.
The Camp has all the permits of the general Directorate of Tourism of Cantabria and is recognized as Summer Camp with the number of register 9059. Oyambre Surf Camp is a small settlement formed by a group of luxurious tents of high quality type “tipis” or similar, in a natural environment and safe for young people. The tents have beds with comfortable mattresses, pillows and a wardrobe to store your valuables. You only need to bring your sleeping bag. We also have different tents such as meeting centers, sun loungers, hammocks, various games, etc. It is located 100 meters from the beach of Oyambre and with incredible views to the mountains, the Picos de Europa. The camp is located 100 meters from the facilities of our school. Young people are accommodated by sex and age in fully equipped and comfortable tents. The campsite has facilities such as bathrooms, hot showers, laundry, supermarket, bar-restaurant, football field, playground, etc.



At Oyambre Surf we know how important food is for young people, that’s why all food is 100% healthy and rich food. Menus prepared by dieticians and physical trainers for young athletes. The breakfasts, lunches and dinners are held in our camp or in the bar-restaurant of the campsite (lunches and snacks in our camp.) The Youngsters always have fruit and water at their disposal for lunch or snack.


The surf camp includes surf every day in the morning and in the afternoon. 2 hours of surfing in the morning and 2 hours of surfing in the afternoon. All surf lessons are at Playa de Oyambre, which is 100 meters from our Surf Camp. More info at surfschool.


Our camp is bilingual and both monitors and students are from all over Europe. In the Surf Camp you learn and improve the practical and conversational language, the part that most students lack. Methodology: 1 surf lesson per day is in another language according to the nationality of the students. So they improve their vocabulary and are released to practice languages ​​with people from other countries.


The camp also includes activities such as beach soccer tournament, beach volleyball tournament, slack-line, ping-pong, longskate, theoretical classes, sightseeing, etc.


The young people are accompanied by volunteers and tutors for 24 hours. Please bring your own sleeping bag and towels. Young people have access to all camping installations. An accident insurance and R.C. insurance is included. We also pick up our guests and accompany them again to any transport, please consult us if necessary.