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Imagine an incredible house located in the heart of a natural paradise and with the best waves every day. Imagine having breakfast watching the waves or rest comfortably while you relax watching the sea and you recharge your energy. Welcome to Oyambre Surf House, a place where you will enjoy unforgettable experiences.
Oyambre Surf House is a family run and quiet place for adults (for young see Oyambre Surf Camp “link”) and families looking for the best waves of northern Spain, in a paradise with amazing people. Oyambre Surf House is considered to be one of the best Surf House in Europe.

We are fortunate to say that our Surf House is located in a unique and privileged place on the northern coast of Spain, in the heart of Oyambre Natural Park, with superb views of the beach and the Ria Oyambre and the Picos de Europa, which will leave you speechless.

Located in the Ceceño neighborhood in the village of El Tejo just 500 meters from the beach and our surf school facilites and between the villages of Comillas (3 km away) and San Vicente de la Barquera (4 km away). In our surf camp you can rest and recharge after a day of surfing with all the comforts of our home or you can enjoy live party nights in Comillas and San Vicente De La Barquera .

Accommodation: Oyambre Surf House is a wonderful and comfortable guesthouse with amazing facilities. We have 4 ensuite rooms each with capacity for 2 to 6 people. Our rooms are spacious, have sea views, private bathroom and a sink, toilet and shower and are fully equipped with comfortable beds, wardrobes, chairs, tables, tv, mirrors, etc.
We also have a Bar where you can have your drinks with the best views. The other facilities are dining room and common room, all with amazing sea views. Patio and garden to the north and south, chill-out, hammocks, free wifi and private parking.

Food: All our food is real food! We have elaborate menus which use fresh seasonal produce from our land providing authentic rich and healthy food for athletes.

We also do special menus for vegetarian or vegan.

SURF: Our offerings include authentic surfing courses taught by the best professionals for beginners or advanced in our SURF SCHOOL including surfing material during all your holidays so you can keep surfing.

Activities: Our Surf Camps are also complemented with other activities and sports such as surfing lectures, stretching, beach volleyball, longskate, yoga, pilates, surf films … Barbecues, surprises and a night out for those who want one.