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7 days and 6 nights in Oyambre Surf Camp*


  • Week 1: from 1st to 7th of August
  • Week 2: from 8th to 14th of August
  • Week 3: from 15th to 21st of August
  • Week 4: from 22nd to 28th of August
  • Wee 5: from 29th August to 4th of September

6 breakfasts included (option to hire half board)

  • Access to all camping facilities, bathrooms, supermarket, laundry, wifi, etc.
  • Surf Material included and free all week.
  • Visit to Comillas
  • Complementary activities beach volleyball, beach soccer, ping pong, parties and many more surprises.

7 days/6 nights: 240 €

  • Optional transfers:

    Transfer from Comillas: 10€ / way
    Transfer from San Vicente de la Barquera: 15€ / way
    Transfer from Torrelavega: 50€ / way
    Transfer from Santander Airport: 90€ / way.
    Transfer from Bilbao Airport 200 € / way.


    Double tent: 60 €
    Single tent: 150 €
    Half Board: 5 dinners = 50 €
    Full Board: 5 meals + 5 dinners = 100 €
    Yoga: 1 class = € 10; 3 classes = € 25
    Bicycles: ask at the Surf Camp


    Price per person and week
    Accommodation in shared tent, maximum 4 people per tent. Check extra charges for double or individual tents.
    Check in: Sunday from 17pm
    check out: Saturday until 12pm
    other dates please check
    Half board includes: 5 meals or picnic bags
    Full board: includes 5 meals + 5 dinners