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OYAMBRE SURF consists of a team of people who live for surfing. We are lovers of the sea and our land. We give the best of ourselves because we love what we do. We have extensive professional teaching experience in the world of surfing, sport and tourism. We have travelled, surfed and worked all over the world.

Our team has all the national and international qualifications needed to teach but that doesn’t mean we’ve stopped learning and we continue to travel, learn and improve ourselves as professionals. We invite you to come and meet us and enjoy this wonderful and hospitable land. It will be an unforgettable experience.


Rubén Gutiérrez Rodríguez
Director and surf instructor.

Santander 18/07/1979

Technical Sports Surfing. T.D.1
National Surf Instructor T.D.2
Certification of Lifesaving and First Aid.
Languages: Spanish and English.
Oyambre Surf was born from the dreams of this surfer and waterman. He has surfed, travelled and worked for many years. He is a lover of the sea and spends as much time as he can surfing or doing other sports like kite surfing, spearfishing, skating. Ruben loves music and hanging out with his friends.


Susana Corral Ruiz
Direction and Organization.

Cabezón de la Sal 14/06/1983
Personal coach.
Expert in nutritión.
Import Export.
Languages: Spanish, english and signs.
Susy with her vitality and joy is in charge of the organization and preparation of the events at Oyambre Surf so that everything goes perfect. You can find her in the water, on the mountain or in the gym. Always full on and with a smile.


Juan Aparicio Cabezas
Surf Instructor.

Málaga 27/06/1976
Technical Sports Surfing. T.D.1
National Surf Instructor T.D.2
ISA Surf Instructor.
Languages: Spanish and English.
Diploma in marketing and communication.
Juan is a surfer at heart. He lives and enjoys every day at the beach and transmits his passion to his students in each class. He started surfing as a child on the beaches of Malaga and today continues with the same enthusiasm. His passions include surfing and being in the mountains.


Samuel Pérez Del Camino Fernández

Cáceres 18/07/1983
Director of Fisioterapia Pérez Del Camino.
Diploma in Physiotherapy
Degree of Lifesaving and First Aid.
Leisure Instructor and Personal Trainer.
Languages: Spanish, English and Italian.
Samu combines his work as a physiotherapist in his clinic with his other passions in the surf and sky. He is a regular contributor to Oyambre Surf and is in charge of preparing our warm ups and in school training so that we remain in top shape.


Thomas C. Krämer München
Art Director.

Luanco, Asturias 28/04/1980
Dipl. Designer in visual communication.
Webmaster / Grafic Designer
Degree of Lifesaving and First Aid.
Languages: Spanish, English and German. .
Tommee is an enthusiastic surfer and bohemian.